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Ajyad Company – Furniture moving company in Riyadh
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To move furniture and luggage locally and globally

Affiliated with Al-Subai'i TransportAtion Corporation

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Specialists in the transport of females locally and internationally

Ajyad Furniture Transport Company (household furniture, office furniture, relocation of residential and commercial complexes), private transportation of breakable items, transportation of factories and health complexes transport within cities or between cities

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What we can do for you

Moving furniture

Move your furniture in complete safety with the availability of unpacking, packaging and installation services for all types of furniture

International Shipping

We provide shipping and land service to Arab countries, Gulf states and most of the world for luggage and home furniture with triple packaging for purposes

Ajyad Company - Furniture Transport Company in Riyadh

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We would like to help you

We are available 24/7 for transport services

Moving furniture inside Saudi Arabia

We provide transportation, packaging and installation services for all types of furniture within all cities of the Kingdom.

Cleaning and disinfecting houses

We provide cleaning services for homes, palaces and corporate buildings and sterilizing them with the latest equipment.

Shipping furniture outside Saudi Arabia

We provide sea freight services to most countries of the world with professional furniture packaging.

Insect control

Control of insects and various pests with safe materials and authorized by the Ministry of Health and for complete guarantee.

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Ajyad Transport

Ajyad Company (Commitment to Timesuitable pricestrained labor)

Ajyad Movers has been recognized throughout the industry as a leading full-service moving, cleaning and packing company. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized time and time again by receiving many awards from different countries as a domestic and international moving company.

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What do our customers say

"God willing, they have an orderly job in the jaw, assembly and packaging, excellent. May God give them wellness. Frankly, I advised my sisters and friends about Ajyad Company."
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Abdallah Mohamed
"The handling of the delegate and the workers is very sophisticated, I moved my luggage without scratches or fractures, with a very good installation, God willing, I would advise them."
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Asser Khater
"The company wanted to move from Dammam to Riyadh in a new headquarters, and I was asked to search for a transport company, and thanks to God, you honored me in front of my manager. Thank you very, very, distinguished team."
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Buthaina Badr
Marketing specialist
اجياد لنقل الاثاث

Ajyad Company We are proud to provide excellent service and valuable long-term relationships with our clients.

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