Ajyad company for dismantling and installing air conditioners

Thinking of moving to a new place, but worried about the step of dismantling and installing the air conditioners.

No need to worry, because Ajyad ensures you this step without causing any damage.

Ajyad is a professional company in Riyadh when it comes to dismantling and installing air conditioners in Riyadh.

 no matter what type is your air conditioner, we know how to deal with it.

Steps for dismantling and installing air conditioners

No matter the type of the air conditioner whether it is (split – window – central – cupboard – duct – cassette – etc) It definitely consists of three main parts:

  1. Condensing unit
  2. Diffusion valve
  3. Evaporator

These basic parts are installed in several stages.

 Firstly, the installation of the condenser unit, then the internal unit of the air conditioner, passing through isolating the pipes and ending with the delivery of Freon gas.

And for a better reveal, here is one of the engineers of Ajyad Company explains the detailed stages as follows:

dismantling and installing air conditioners
dismantling and installing air conditioners

Condensing unit installation

The specialized technician installs the condensing unit holder in the specified place and then places the condensate as a first step in the installation process.

Indoor unit installation

  1. The technician installs the metal piece on the wall using nails.
  2. Make a hole in the wall to remove the pipes so that the indoor unit can connect to the outdoor unit.
  3. Loosen the special pipes that contain nitrogen gas.

Connecting air conditioner pipes

At this stage, we must put into consideration that pipes with the largest diameter are for the intake and the pipes with the smallest diameter are for the expulsion.

And the method of completing this stage depends on whether the air conditioner is modern or old.

Pipe insulation

The purpose of this stage is to facilitate the heat exchange process between the intake and exhaust pipes.

Freon gas delivery

Due to the hard-working team in Ajyad Company, this stage is done with great professionalism and high efficiency.

Air conditioner maintenance in Riyadh

Ajyad Company has been considered the best air conditioning dismantling and installation company in Riyadh.

This is because of the efficiency in carrying out, washing, and maintenance of air conditioners in Riyadh to the fullest and highest quality.

And there are a few steps that we follow to get the work done:

  • Get rid of all dust and dirt stuck in the air conditioner by pulling it out with a vacuum cleaner or a power device that can reach the smallest places inside the air conditioner.
  • Detecting any malfunction in the air conditioner and repairing it with the utmost skill.
  • Disassemble and clean the interior parts of the air conditioner.
  • Cleaning and filtering the air purification network in the interior rooms of the air conditioner, otherwise, the air conditioner won’t be able to cool the air, and water leakage will occur from the air conditioner.
  • Sterilization and cleaning of the evaporation unit inside the air conditioner using a special product to sterilize air conditioners.

Common mistakes that must be avoided when maintaining the air conditioner

  1. Spray any solution towards the electrical circuits on the right, which leads to water contact with the circuits.
  2. Long-term exposure to high concentrations of organic cleaning agents.
  3. Dismantling and cleaning the air conditioner in order to treat the pipe blockage without the help of a specialized air conditioner dismantling and installation company.
  4. Failure to disconnect the main power supply before starting the cleaning process, which may lead to a short circuit.

Ajyad Company is the best in dismantling and installing air conditioners in Riyadh

The company offers many services for dismantling and installing air conditioners, such as:

  • Dismantling and installing split air conditioners in Riyadh
  • Professionally dismantling and washing air conditioners in Riyadh with the latest and best methods
  • Establishment and extension of the American Copper Muller in Riyadh for old and modern buildings.
  • Hidden installation in Riyadh
  • Consolidated installation in Riyadh
  • Dismantling and installing all types of air conditioners with a full air conditioner inspection
  • Maintenance and repair of Freon smuggling and water leakage prevention
  • Filling Freon for all types of air conditioners in Riyadh
  • Mosque air conditioning maintenance at special prices
  • Execution of works under the supervision of professional engineers and technicians in air conditioning work

The conclusion

Take the step of moving to a new home without worrying about furniture moving or dismantling and installing electrical appliances.

With Ajyad, everything is done easily,professionally, and with high efficiency,

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