Ajyad For Furniture Transporting Services inside Jeddah

Ajyad company for transporting services inside Jeddah is characterized by its professionalism and the provision of qualified labor to move furniture.

Ajyad Furniture Transport Services Company inside Jeddah provides a fleet of cars equipped to transport furniture, including covered cars that protect the furniture from any damage that may occur to it during the transportation process or as a result of weather factors such as dust.

Why choose us for transporting services inside Jeddah?

  • Quality: we have a team characterized by quality, honesty, experience, and attention to customer satisfaction.
  • Speed: The work team of Ajyad Furniture Transport Services Company inside Jeddah is characterized by the speed in implementation and complete mastery of work
  • The trained workforce: Ajiad Furniture Transport Services Company inside Jeddah has a highly qualified workforce, which guarantees our customers the highest level of service.
  • Competitive prices: The company offers many unique and unbeatable prices.

Action Steps

  1. Communication with the client.
  1. We know all the details of the place.
  1. We make a plan to move the furniture.
  1. Equipping all equipment and devices used.
  1. Then we start and finish the work in record time and with the highest quality.

Ajyad furniture moving company services

Installing Furniture
Transporting Services inside Jeddah

We offer you the best-distinguished services for moving furniture in all its forms, whether at home, in the office, or in the hotel.

Our company is keen to provide all kinds of furniture transportation services that the people of Jeddah are interested in, without spending huge sums.

  • Our company provides furniture packaging service when performing furniture transportation services because we strive to provide the best service to our valued customers. Therefore, we provide you with a furniture packaging service to prevent any scratching or breaking of the furniture during the transportation process.
  • We are also distinguished by the fact that we have a professional technician for disassembly and installation: we disassemble and install furniture at the hands of the best carpenters and technicians who supervise this task in order to provide you with the best service.
  • Furniture transport vehicles: We have a closed car that is ready and safe for transportation, and our company is always working to develop services in order to provide the best service to the customer, as we offer you an integrated fleet of cars that work with high efficiency, and this is to keep your luggage in a very safe way.
  • Furniture packing and storage service: Furniture packing and storage service The success of furniture packing services depends to a large extent on the technical capabilities of the workforce, as well as the availability of packing capabilities in the correct form.
  • Then packing the furniture: we are not limited to one type of wrapping, but we strive to adhere to a weight that adapts to the capacity of each box, in order to protect the furniture from all expected damages during movement.

The Appropriate Packing Method

  1. The shocks: This affects the furniture. In the event that any piece of furniture loses the appropriate packaging thickness, a reasonable outer protective layer must be applied, and it is according to the type of furniture, taking into account the packaging of glass materials with a thick material that has shock-absorbing properties such as airstrips of plastic or sponge.
  1. The vibration: the vibration of the cart during movement may affect the stability of the elements inside the box, and here it is not enough for the box to be covered. But it is necessary to get rid of any internal space in it that could allow furniture elements to vibrate and bump, so we fill the gaps with fiber or cardboard cushions.
  1. The friction: When the parts are stacked inside the truck, they are close to each other, unlike their normal arrangement in your home, and this proximity allows them to rub and then scrape their surface. For this, we try to preserve the outer layer of paint, so we use some appropriate covers to protect the external parts, as well as we use cardboard strips.
  1. therefore, if you are looking for a furniture moving company in Jeddah that is guaranteed to move furniture, then you have come to the right place for furniture transportation services in Jeddah. Because we are the best furniture moving company in Jeddah. We are also working to provide the most powerful fleet of furniture transport vehicles with professional carpenters in dismantling and installing furniture in Jeddah.

Then finally, we have cars of different sizes, and we provide you with the cheapest prices for furniture moving companies in Jeddah, and to know more about the prices and services provided by the cheapest furniture moving company in Jeddah. Please contact us via the mobile phone number of Ajyad Furniture Transport Services Company inside Jeddah.

Transporting Services inside Jeddah
Transporting Services inside Jeddah

What are the correct ways to store furniture?

The furniture moving company in Jeddah identifies for its customers the best ways to store furniture in Jeddah, which are:

  1. The storage location must be secure.
  1. The storage area must be clean.
  1. Furniture storage should be free of insects.
  1. Dismantle large parts.
  1. Then wrap furniture that will be stored for long periods of time and wrap it well to protect it from moisture and dust.
  1. Protecting and wrapping glass furniture with the best packaging.
  1. Do not leave any waste inside the warehouse.

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What are the best ways to preserve furniture during moving?

One of the things women care most about is how to take care of their furniture while traveling, and if they want to travel a long distance or for a long time.

Let us give you some tips that can help you take care of your furniture from dirt, rodents, and insects. Then the most important thing is to move furniture away from windows and balconies, It is preferable that the furniture is in the middle of the room or away from the doors and covered with plastic or nylon mattresses. Then cover it with a cloth cover to prevent dirt, dust, dust, or insects from entering.

How do you choose the right transportation company?

Dear customer, before contacting a moving company, you should make sure of the following:

  • Choose a reliable and reputable moving company.
  • Use of a licensed and guaranteed furniture moving company.
  • Choose a carrier that accepts all payment methods.
  • Check the company’s reputation through comments from previous customers.

What is the cost of Ajyad for furniture moving services ?

The prices of the Ajyad company for furniture moving services vary according to the distance at which the furniture is moved, as well as the amount of furniture that will be moved. And whether there are heights for any transfer to the upper floors or not, and whether or not you will need a winch to lift the furniture.

With Ajyad Furniture Transport Services, you do not have to worry, as we provide furniture shipping services at the simplest prices, best efficiency, and quality.

And to know more about the prices and services offered by the cheapest furniture moving company in Jeddah. Please contact us via the mobile phone number of Ajyad Furniture Transport Services Company inside Jeddah.

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