Ajyad Company for Moving Furniture with Storage Service

Moving furniture with storage service

One of the most important things in furniture storage is to find a strong and distinguished moving company that has good capabilities, which should contain some of the following tools:

  1. The furniture storage warehouse should be in large areas and equipped with the latest technology and surveillance cameras.
  2. Providing furniture transport vehicles equipped to transport furniture to luggage storage warehouses.
  3. Providing the necessary equipment and cranes to lift the furniture, which facilitates the process of unloading luggage from the upper floors.
  4. Luggage storage with a guarantee for the entire storage period until the date of receipt.
  5. Providing the cheapest furniture storage prices in Riyadh.
  6. To be a tried and trusted luggage storage company in Riyadh.

Ajyad Company is considered one of the best furniture moving companies with storage in Riyadh because of our modern tools, equipment, and our professional team.

When we store we use another type of packaging, This is to safely remove tools and devices for long periods of time.

 We use different tools and packing materials specially designed to protect furniture and appliances from damage and rust due to humidity and temperature, and we make several layers of packing to protect furniture and appliances from damage.

Ajyad company also transports furniture and packs trays, cups, and cupboards in customized cartons, and wraps them inside and out to protect them from breakage and damage; So we make sure that it is delivered to our valued customers safely.

We also have the advantage of a furniture packaging guarantee as we provide a guarantee to the customer in the event of damage to any of the transported goods, repair, purchase of new goods, or financial compensation.

Our team also works on dismantling and installing furniture, curtains, air conditioning, dismantling and installing chandeliers, electrical appliances, and all home contents.

 When Ajyad Company began to think of providing a service of moving furniture with storage, it decided to become the best and occupies the top of the list of baggage moving companies.

Why is Ajyad Company the best moving company with storage service?

Moving and storing furniture
  1. Certified Warranty: The company offers guarantees on the service of moving furniture with storage, packing, and storing it to ensure the best level of service provided, given our confidence in a group of the most prominent modern and distinguished methods.
  1. The latest equipment and cranes: The company offers the best and most modern equipment for lifting and moving furniture; To ensure that the transportation, packaging, and storage process is carried out in the correct manner, in order to ensure the maximum success of the process of moving furniture with storage.
  1. Fixed discounts and offers: The company is always distinguished by the discounts and offers that it offers throughout the year, and the discounts are on all the services we provide, and we always provide high-quality services at the lowest price.
  1. Professional specialists: We have a group of technicians and engineers who specialize in their work under the supervision of the company’s management.
  1. We offer the best modern methods and methods to implement high-quality furniture moving and packing services.
  1. The service of moving furniture with storage works at special prices

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What services does the company provide when moving furniture with storage?

Dismantling and Assembling The Furniture

  • A luggage transport company with warehousing is distinguished by providing services that help keep luggage safely and soundly so that no damage or damage occurs.
  •  Provides skilled labor to dismantle and install furniture in the correct manner so that it is not subjected to scratching or breakage.
  • We rely on workers and technicians who work in the field of carpentry.
  • Each of them dismantles and installs furniture in record time without any errors. Therefore, a furniture moving company with storage provides the latest equipment and modern devices that help them and facilitate the process of dismantling and installing furniture in a distinctive way without causing an error in moving furniture.

Furniture packing and storage service

Ajyad Company for moving furniture
Ajyad Company for moving furniture

This process is an easy and simple process, but it requires great skill and experience to be done correctly and simply, but it is very important in order to save the furniture that is being moved from harm or damage.

We always seek to convey this to customers, as most customers do not have full knowledge of this step and its impact on the transfer process. That’s why we’ll show you the most important tips that will help you when moving and storing your furniture.

  • High-quality packing materials should be provided to help keep the furniture in the right way, such as stretchy nylon, large plastic bags, wires and ropes, and strong cartons to protect the luggage.
  • Each piece must be packaged as appropriate. Packaging glass with its own packaging materials, as well as wood.
  • Each piece must be individually wrapped so as not to damage or scratch the furniture to be moved.
  • After completing the process of packing all the furniture, we put them tightly inside the boxes, and then we write the contents of each carton on the label so that no parts are lost.

Company warehouses when moving furniture with storage:

  1. 1. The company provides the best warehouses in which furniture is stored; To protect the furniture from damage or harm
  2. .It also provides preservation of furniture from sunlight, which helps to avoid furniture damage, as we all know that most wood is more susceptible to damage from sunlight.
  3. We also provide materials that help ward off harmful insects in luggage.
  4. The company is also committed to placing all the furniture in a special room for each customer to facilitate the retrieval process without any errors. And all this through the workers specialized in this field, because Ajyad company chooses the best and highly experienced workers who help customers store furniture in warehouses without worries.

What does a moving company offer with storage in the process of storing furniture?

A company moving furniture with storage in Riyadh provides several luggage storage services as follows:

  1. A room is assigned to each customer with the best transportation method in Riyadh and with a serial number, and the customer receives a guarantee certificate for that.
  2. The carpet is set aside after being washed well and wrapped in plastic for safekeeping.
  3. Electrical appliances are stored and placed in designated boxes.
  4. Clean Najaf and antiques, and make them clean and well packed.

To know more information and for reservation, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our phone number 058 099 6174

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