Ajyad company for moving furniture from Riyadh to other cities

The luggage transport service is one of the services most needed by the citizens of the Kingdom, so through Ajyad Company, you can guarantee high quality and efficiency in obtaining this service.

Whether moving furniture to homes or various facilities, so follow this article to get all the information about our services and how to communicate with us with ease.

The Best Company for Moving Furniture from Riyadh to Dammam

The names of different companies abound, whether in Saudi Arabia or the Arab countries in general.

 But when talking about the best company working on moving and shipping furniture. The name of Ajyad Company is bright enough.

This is due to its total reliance on delivering its services to customers in an imaginary and distinct quality from others. The company also relies on a number of experts in different fields.

 So that the customer gets from us integrated services because only other companies load the luggage and deliver it to the desired place.

 But we are committed to all of the client’s priorities, starting with cleaning his house completely from dust. And then clean the luggage and remove dirt from it.

Until the luggage is rehabilitated to the other stages that we talk about in the following paragraphs. But the point is that the best moving company from Riyadh to Dammam is Ajyad.
And the line of action does not depend only on a place within Saudi Arabia.

On the contrary, we penetrate all regions and corners of the Kingdom. Whether in the capitals or nearby and remote cities, as well as villages and hard-to-reach places.

On the other hand, we work on transportation and delivery of furniture to and from the Kingdom. So, Ajyad becomes the first locally and globally, as we reach Bahrain, Kuwait, the Emirates, Qatar, and other Arab Gulf countries.

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Moving Furniture from Riyadh to Dammam

We know very well that for all customers it is not that easy. And choosing a company that gives it everything you own inside your home to move it from one place to another is a very difficult step.

But it is a step that saves you a lot of trouble and fatigue. Thus, once you contract with us, we provide you with the service without the slightest effort from you. Also, in a very short time, in addition to the fabulous price.

Ajyad for moving furniture

Our company is also distinguished by a competitive price among most other companies. Then you can safely leave all your home belongings with us.

Also guaranteed to get it back as is. Rather be in better shape than it was. ie become encapsulated, clean, and protected from insects.

Therefore, if you want to move the luggage from Riyadh to the city of Dammam, Majmaah, Al-Khobar, and others You can easily contact us, And then we start to implement our plan quickly and accurately, to get the customer’s trust as well as make him feel comfortable.

Moving furniture from Riyadh to Al-Kharj

Ajyad Company offers you the best furniture transportation services from Riyadh to Al-Kharj, using the latest methods, and also by the most skilled workers who specialize in dealing with furniture transportation of all sizes and types.

At the best prices that do not accept competition, and here are some of the services provided by the company moving furniture from Riyadh to Al-Kharj:

  • Due to the continuous pursuit, Ajyad Company has a good reputation, because it is not limited to the process of moving furniture only, it does all the general cleaning work inside the residences, as it has modern equipment for general and complete hygiene
  • The company also polishes all furniture and reshapes it to its original form.
  • It also transports furniture from Riyadh to Al-Kharj with all ceramic polishing works, cleaning all corners of the floors, and cleaning wooden floors such as parquet.
  • The company also sprays insects in homes, with a group of the best insecticides that are completely safe for your health
  • We also have the best people and teams that specialize in all these different trades.

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Things to consider when choosing a furniture moving company from Riyadh to Al-Kharj

The quality of service must also be considered, with the right price in mind as well, not just any price.

To order more than one company, find out prices and compare them.

It also makes sure that this company has the best and most efficient workers when it comes to moving furniture.

Packing and Installing Furniture
Packing and Installing Furniture

The most important features

Coordination and organization in a moving company from Riyadh to Al-Kharj, and makes it the best distinct organization that works in the highest way and with distinctive strategies, and it is the best in the field of services.

  1. She divides her work into groups
  2. Each group also includes a major
  3. They all work under the supervision of a good specialist
  4. A specialist who takes care of every detail of the job, no matter how small
  5. He supervises the completion of the work and does each team do what is asked of it without errors or defects or not.

The Most Important of These Skills 

  1. You will find that the way Ajyad company works to move furniture from Riyadh to Al-Kharj is an organized way that makes you not feel tired of moving furniture
  2. As well as the speed of disassembly, installation, cleaning, packaging, storage, and transportation to the specified place.
  3. We have carpenters in Ajyad Company specialized in moving furniture, dismantling and re-installing furniture with all its contents that require the presence of carpenters.
  4. The presence of technicians and engineers working for Ajyad Company to transport furniture from Riyadh to Al-Kharj.
  5. They dismantle electrical appliances in a professional and experienced manner.
  6. Cleaning the electrical parts before carrying out the work was packaged, reassembled, and maintained before installation
  7. As well as dismantling all electrical connections safely and accurately, while maintaining the safety of electrical devices.

Procedures that Ajyad company takes when moving furniture from Riyadh to other cities

There is no doubt that transporting luggage from Riyadh to Any city requires special equipment to transport luggage, as is the case when transporting it to any other area.

Ensure the necessary tools for transportation.

Ajyad company is constantly updating its equipment and acquiring everything new in the world of moving and loading furniture, in order to continue its leadership in the market of moving furniture from Riyadh to other cities and to provide its current and future customers with a service that they will only find through Ajyad company.

Availability of Modern Cars

  • It is known that long distances need modern cars, especially if they are to transport perishable and broken things and contents, such as office furniture, homes, and companies. Therefore, we do not hesitate to provide the latest furniture transport vehicles specially equipped for these tasks, in order to make the process of moving furniture from Riyadh to the other city easy and safe.
  • Ajyad company for moving furniture asks the drivers to travel at specific speeds during the journey between the two cities.

You can also contact us for reservations and inquiries through our number 058 099 6174

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