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Moving furniture companies in Riyadh

Furniture moving companies in Riyadh play an essential role because they work to provide transportation services of all kinds while protecting furniture from the consequences of transportation, and a furniture moving company in Riyadh is looking for a client when he wants to change his furniture, so the client turns to furniture moving companies in Riyadh …because they help him to do so

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The process of moving furniture in Egypt

The process of moving furniture in Egypt is carried out with all techniques, as the furniture moving companies can move large and small furniture, and they are trained companies in different transport jobs.

After the establishment of furniture moving companies in Riyadh, the process of moving furniture has become an easy process, which takes place in a short time without any effort, as the companies work as follows:

  • Dividing the furniture into small pieces that are easy to move.
  • Pack the furniture well.
  • Providing large cars to transport furniture and protect furniture from damage.
  • We correctly store furniture in stores that withstand sudden, changing, and different weather factors.

furniture companies in Riyadh

What does Ajyad Company offer?

Ajyad Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh offers the process of moving furniture through several steps carried out by the company’s team, and these steps will be presented as follows:

– Firstly, communication with Ajyad Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh is being done through one of the methods that the company provides to customers so that they can request the company’s service.

-Secondly, our professional team heads to the client’s house equipped with tools, equipment, and means of moving furniture until the completion of the transfer process.

– Furniture movers and technicians in Riyadh dismantle the furniture in the client’s house and pack it well so that it can be transported without causing breakage or scratches to the furniture and luggage.

After that, the luggage is lowered from the house using a winch to load the luggage and furniture until the baggage is easily lowered from your home and reloaded on the transport vehicles.

– The next step is to move the furniture from the old house to the new one by the fleet of Ajyad Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh.

After that, the luggage is returned to the new home, and the staff transports the luggage again.

– One of the services of Ajyad Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh is that the company’s team carries out the process of packing the furniture to be able to move it from one place to another without causing damage to the parts.

The company also offers furniture storage activity in Riyadh, many customers may need to keep the furniture for some time and then reuse it again.

– One of the services provided by the company is also a furniture and luggage cleaning service at the hands of the best company in Riyadh, and therefore when you put it in your new home, every piece of furniture is clean and ready for use immediately.

– Ajyad Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh provides all the means that the customer needs to move the glass or similar furniture, which must be handled with care so as not to be damaged during transportation.

– Ajyad Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh is the best furniture moving company in Riyadh because it has all the means through which the luggage transfer process succeeds, and one of the most important things that customers are looking for is how to move home furniture to another remote place, and the safety and confidence in Ajyad Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh.

We are very aware of how important furniture is to our customers and how important it is to keep them safe from road hazards.

Therefore, furniture, no matter how sturdy or excellently made, is to the fullest, and for this reason, Ajyad Furniture Movers in Riyadh is interested in providing its valued customers with the best cars for moving furniture The packaging is also carried out safely and with the best materials used.

Ajyad Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh provides the customers with all kinds of guarantees, as it is considered the best company to move furniture in Riyadh, as it is guaranteed and qualified for several of the following reasons:

  1.  The company carries a full furniture transfer with a guarantee.
  2.  The company bears the damages that may occur during transportation.
  3.  Providing furniture transport vehicles in Riyadh of different sizes.
  4.  The cheapest furniture shipping company in Riyadh.
  5.  Providing professional drivers to drive furniture transport vehicles in Riyadh.
  6.  Providing carpenters who specialize in dismantling and installing furniture.
  7.  Agyad Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh is available at special prices, do not hesitate to contact us

Ajyad Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh offers to all residents of Riyadh a furniture storage company in Riyadh, which many residents of the Kingdom need when traveling or moving to another country to study or even for those who intend to marry and do not have a place to store their new home furniture until the time of the wedding, and we provide warehouses with large areas to meet client’s requirements and ensure that their properties are safe and protected. 

The warehouses also have internal and external cameras on which security guards rotate every 12 hours.

We proudly can say that at Ajyad Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh, we have many different discounts, because there are many competing companies, but we are distinguished in prices, but we have distinguished experience in the field of moving furniture in Riyadh for many decades.

You can also contact us for reservations and inquiries or inquire about prices and offers
through our phone number 058 099 6174

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