Cars for moving luggage in Ajyad Company

Many of us may need to move, whether it is to live in another area. Or to buy a new office or any other reasons. So you may need at that time to move your baggage. But without any loss.

So that your things will not be broken, scratched, deformed, or cracked. So, all you have to do is contact Ajyad Company to meet all your needs. Because we have people who are trained to carefully move the luggage after it is packed.

In addition to our possession of luggage transport vehicles in Riyadh, they are equipped to transport all types of luggage. We will show you the characteristics of these cars in the following paragraphs.

Cars for moving luggage inside Riyadh

Not all cars allow luggage to be moved. Therefore, trucks must be chosen carefully, and this is what we do through Ajyad Company. Where we care about all cars and their different types, and we are keen to have the following characteristics in them:

Cars for special things

These cars have the following:

  1. There are many people who are bored with their homes and are looking to change them and move to new homes in different areas. But it is not easy, because every home contains many expensive things that can break, crack, or get damaged when you leave the house. Such as glass panels, mirrors, wood, electrical appliances, sofas, carpets, and furniture.
  1. Therefore, each of these types has a specific way of dealing with it. Therefore, it is necessary to disassemble the wooden cabinet, tie it and wrap it from the outside so that it does not get scratched during transportation.
  1. As for mirrors, panels, and windows, we make sure that they are wrapped in cardboard and tied with adhesive tape so that they do not break.
  2. As for the furniture, it is folded and wrapped well with a thin layer of thin insulating plastic so that it does not deteriorate and does not change color when exposed to outside air, dirt, heat, and dust.
  1. Electrical devices are placed in large boxes made of cardboard, and closed tightly with adhesive tape or plastic tapes, so as not to be exposed to any breakage or bruising from the outside or breakage.

Cars for moving luggage

  1. There are many types of cars available to us, but when transporting furniture or luggage. There are cars of a certain type and design to perform this task.
  1. Luggage and household furniture trolleys are similar in shape to well-known trolleys that transport foodstuffs, building materials, and the like. It has a large space inside, which makes it suitable for transporting heavy weights without any problems.
  1. The interior of the trolleys has been specially designed to adapt to the common modes of transport and we will find it empty on the inside. And there are those that have a movable inner trolley so that the stacker can easily access the inside of the trolley.
  1. The interior of the cart is not made of multi-tiered shelves but of metal but is covered with materials that protect the furniture from injury during a collision. If the car accelerates while driving or the like, so it is very safe for the things being moved.
  1. The car is shaped like a cube or rectangle. So it is suitable for stacking finished products, luggage and furniture inside. Without putting anything on another helping to protect whatever is being carried.
  1. The floor of the transport vehicles should be flat and smooth so that all boxes, furniture, and luggage can be easily stacked without any obstructions in the vehicle.

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Ajyad Company for moving furniture

Luggage car size

The size of the luggage transport vehicle must be determined, which depends on several factors, so when the customer enters into an agreement with Ajyad Transport Services, the size of the vehicle, its specifications, and the quantity of furniture that will be transported through it are determined, and therefore each size of a vehicle has a specific cost determined by the company, and one of the most important factors Specific car size:

  • Determining the size of the luggage transport vehicles in Riyadh through
  •  The number of pieces of furniture and the amount of baggage that will be carried through this trolley.
  • It is undesirable that the car be large in relation to the amount of luggage to be carried so that the luggage is not broken due to swaying inside the car while it is in motion.
  • There are two types of cars that carry luggage and they are as follows:

The First Type Is Opened Cars

This firsrt type of cars for moving luggage is closed from the sides but opened from the top of the car. It is used to carry home furniture, and we also take care of home furnishings, sofas, tables, and chairs. As well as doors, windows, cupboards, and wood for the family.

The Second Type Is Closed

They are closed carts, and this type of cart is used to transport furniture and protect it from dust and germs in the air.

 The furniture here means electrical appliances, pillows, upholstery, carpets, rugs, curtains, clothes bags, antiques, and frames.

 Mattresses and all textile things, in general, are preferred to be transported in closed carts so as not to be exposed to any kind of pollution, so they are wrapped before transporting.

Important tips when transporting luggage

Because we are keen to serve you in the best way, we have to show you some important tips to follow when moving furniture:

  • One of the first steps and tips that must be followed when transporting luggage is not to put any collected items in a box or carton so that all these things are not exposed to breakage, and cork can be used to better preserve them.
  • All content that we will be transporting must be wrapped, so as not to get scratches, cracks, or breaks caused by the baggage being smashed and colliding during transportation or when the trolley is inside.
  • When transporting furniture and luggage, glass panels and mirrors should not be placed next to the wood so as not to collide with them and expose them to breakage.
  • Cork, insulating plastic, tape, and cardboard should be used as one the things that hold furniture and luggage together without breaking or scratching.

The Types of Cars for moving luggage Used by Ajyad

Here are the types of cars used by Ajyad for moving furniture in Riyadh:

The first type is widely distributed and is called the stationary trailer. It has a fixed back box and is used to transport various types of bags.

The second type is the flatbed trailer without sides, allowing the transport of furniture and effects of any size.

  • Because these trailers are supported by a metal box called a container and it rises to rest in the back of the truck.
  • All cars are equipped with cranes to raise and lower the luggage and fix it in the appropriate place.
  • These trailers are equipped with a winch to move very heavy items and gently place them in the truck.
  • Whatever the size of your furniture, we are experienced and skilled enough to get the job done in the way that suits you best.

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