Luggage Packaging Tools in Riyadh

Luggage packaging tools are among the basic elements that must be available in any company that provides furniture transportation services, because they protect the various pieces of furniture from any injury, scratch, or even breakage, in addition to the possibility of moving and loading furniture easily.

On transport trolleys, the quality of packaging tools is an essential factor to carry out the transport process without losses and to the maximum extent.

Types of furniture packaging tools

  • Bubble roll.
  • Cut out thick fabric (burlap).
  • Flexible plastic packaging (rubber).
  • Large sturdy plastic bags.
  • Leather or plastic bags.
  • wide masking tape.
  • Adhesive white paper.
  • sling.
  • Boxes made of cardboard.

Packaging uses

  1. Bubble roll

It is used in wrapping electrical appliances, computer screens, and televisions, as well as in wrapping all parts that contain breakable glass, such as crystal chandeliers, and some kitchen utensils such as cups and the like.

Bubble wrap is useful for wrapping delicate and fragile items, from china plates and mugs to displays and antiques, and when used, the raised side of the bubble should be inside for better protection.

  1. Wrapping paper

This is another option for wrapping dishes, glassware, and other delicate items. You can also use it to fill voids inside filled cartons, to limit the movement of their contents during transit.

  1. Pieces of heavy cloth 

They are also used to wrap wood or pieces that may be subject to quick scratches. They can also be used as a support to fill gaps inside boxes to stabilize things so that they are not exposed to scratches, and friction during transportation, which may lead to scratches and breakage.

  1. Rubber plastic

It is used to wrap mattresses, pillows, and boxes after filling them with contents to prevent them from getting dirty.

This type of plastic is presented in rolls of different lengths and is characterized by its resistance and tensile strength around all elements and its ability to expand and form.

Also this type is very useful for protecting soft furniture, such as sofas and chairs, from stains or dust. They are also used to secure drawers in non-removable furniture and around rows of crockery, cutlery, and cosmetic bags.

  1. Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard comes in the form of medium-sized strips, consisting of two layers, one flat and the other shaped in the form of hollow waves. It provides perfect protection for fragile items thanks to the air gaps between its folds. Usage: It is used to wrap vases, antiques, and lamps.

  1. Cardboard furniture moving boxes

which is ideal for holding your furniture, and is available in different sizes, easy to lock and secure, and is available in different sizes (small-medium-large) to meet your different packing needs. What it is used for: It is used by all professional moving companies: when it comes to packing furniture, no matter how small, they will pack everything in these boxes, if possible.

  1. Zip Lock Bags

 It is a type of self-sealing plastic bag, and it is one of the items that you can get if you hire a specialized moving company.

  1. Plastic bags
    This is used to store blankets and clothes and used to store clothes and special items
  1. Cartons and boxes

used to collect and transport books and files.

  1.  Adhesive tape and ropes

to stick the cartons and tie them tightly for easy transportation.

  1.  Adhesive white paper

to be placed on boxes and bags to write the contents of the bag or box on it to facilitate the process of brushing and dispensing.

  1. Mattress Encasement Bags

These are durable plastic bags, designed to hold mattresses and can be easily resealed. These bags help protect your mattress from stains and dust while on the go. Before bagging the mattress, make sure it is completely dry.

  1. Duct Tape

An essential tool to complete furniture packaging, sealing, and securing. Not only is the tape used to seal the box at the top, but it is also important to secure the base of the box, to prevent it from tearing when lifting and moving.

Golden law for packing furniture

Luggage packaging tools with Ajyad
Luggage packaging tools with Ajyad

Pack the heaviest things in the smallest boxes and vice versa. And light things should be put in the largest boxes, because in the end, you will have large boxes, which are too heavy to move, exposing their contents to the risk of falling and breaking, but deal with them smartly by distributing heavy things such as books, silverware, and tins, In small boxes, while Fiber cushions and lampshades, for example, are bundled in large boxes.

Pack the heavier items in the lower part of the box and the lighter items in the upper part. Do not leave empty spaces in the boxes. You can use wrapping paper, towels, or old clothes to fill in the spaces between the items in each basket so that they are stable.

The importance of using furniture packaging tools

The importance of using packaging tools lies in preserving all items from damage or loss and helping to collect the various pieces inside bags and boxes quickly and easily, and packing the wooden parts in cartons or bubble bags helps in easy access to store them in the place you want without any scratches.

Furniture packing style

Attention must be paid to how the furniture is packaged to ensure that it is transported properly, and packaging tools must be used correctly to preserve things, for example; Screens cannot be packed with cartons, as this may cause scratches.

Important tips to follow when packing furniture

  • Be sure to wash and clean things thoroughly before placing them in the boxes.
  • Wash and clean the rug and make sure it is dry, then roll it into a roll, tie it with string and wrap it with plastic wrap.
  • Wash and clean all kitchen utensils, dry them well, then put them in medium-sized cartons for ease of carrying and transportation, put a few pieces of carton between each piece and the other to ensure that they are not shaken inside the carton after closing, then be careful when moving the cartons and handle them gently to prevent breaking any of the cartons The things.
  • Wash and clean the kitchen cabinets, then separate the shelves, pack them up, and number each piece to make it easier to assemble after moving.
  • Gather and stack the clothes neatly into the bags, placing them in one or more bags that belong to each family member and labeling them to make it easier to put them in the closet after moving.
  • You also need a medium-sized carton in which to collect some important tools such as dishes, spoons, and a small electric water heater, so that it is not difficult to find them among the rest of the items and purposes, and this is for ease of obtaining them immediately after moving.

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The best furniture packaging tools in Riyadh

Our company is considered one of the best companies that pack furniture because they use the following:

1- The finest types of plastic in the form of bubbles for wrapping fragile items and glass.

2- Soft plastic bags used to protect furniture from scratches.

3- Carton boxes to pack the client’s belongings.

4- Use blankets to wrap the luggage when removing it.

5- Foam is used in packaging to prevent friction between things.

6-Strong adhesive strips to hold boxes and bags securely.

Furniture packaging tools in Riyadh

If there is one thing that you can expect about moving furniture, it is the possibility of damage to the furniture if it is not packed properly because you will certainly not be happy if any damage happens to you and therefore you do not want to incur any additional cost to repair or replace your damaged furniture during the move.

Therefore, careful selection of the ideal packaging material and knowing the correct way to use it is essential.

As much as moving to a new home is a pleasure, it can be associated with a lot of chaos and the loss of property of great material value, so it is necessary from the beginning to evaluate whether you have the ability to move or not?, and consider the use of our company specialized in this and this If you find that things may be out of your control. Just contact us through our numbers.

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