Furniture Packaging Using Plastic

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Reinforced plastic for packaging

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Ajyad company gives you an opportunity to discover some ways to help with home furnishing packaging.

Tips before packaging using plastic

  • One of the most important steps that packing and furniture companies take during the moving process is to pack the luggage first.
  • After the baggage is dismantled, it is packed so that the baggage is not damaged, scratched, or damaged to the valuables in the baggage.
  • The furniture packaging process is not an easy process, but it is a process that requires specialized people to be performed with precision and high efficiency.
  • To achieve this, it is necessary to use the best materials and tools that help in this work and make it perfect.
packing using plastic
packing using plastic

Tools used to wrap furniture

Carrying out the furniture packing process requires skill so that the furniture reaches safely to the place where it is being moved

Along these lines, we will try to identify the types of plastic used by any distinguished furniture moving company and how to properly pack home furniture.

The type used in the furniture packaging using plastic process varies according to the furniture that will be moved But there are a few things to do first, including cleaning the furniture thoroughly before wrapping it in plastic.

In addition to tightening the packaging materials tightly on the furniture so that there are no air gaps or dirt that act as a buffer between the packaging and the furniture.

In addition, the process of packaging using plastic varies depending on the transportation distance of the vehicle, so pay attention to this when packing. Just contact us, and you will find everything you dream of.

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Types of plastic used

This depends on the type of furniture that you want to move, and we will learn about some of these materials, including:

Bubble wrap for furniture and luggage packaging

This type of plastic is considered one of the best tools used in the furniture packaging process and has a great bearing capacity during the transportation process. In addition to its use and importance in the packaging of various home furnishings

Soft plastic

This type of plastic is used in the process of packing furniture for a short distance. It is very suitable for packing parts that need special care, such as personal items, and parts that are afraid of breaking, such as electrical tools.

Reinforced plastic

The use of high-quality reinforced plastic is great in protecting furniture from the risks of scratches, dust, and dirt, and getting rid of pests.

It is used if the period during which the furniture will be stored is long and it does not matter how long the transportation process takes.

Plastic furniture packaging is important since the furniture is not subject to friction when moving around the house or in moving vehicles.

There are many types of plastic, including clear plastic or nylon, which is just as durable and hard as the thicker kind of plastic. All of these types are available to us, just contact us to get you wherever you are.

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Best types of plastic bags

Some plastic bags are used to put clothes in during transportation in order to preserve them during transportation. Plastic bags protect and preserve furniture and greatly assist in transportation and packaging.

It can also be used to keep all your expensive things cheap because in most cases, our company uses the best and most expensive furniture packaging plastic.

Sofa Wrap Bags: Sofa wrap bags are a great tool for moving companies.

It is used to wrap different types of luxurious sofas and chaise lounges. These bags help keep sofa pieces clean from dust.

Each piece shall be placed separately and packed in bags designated for it to protect it from insects and protect it from scratches during the process of moving furniture.

Sofas are among the most important possessions, so they must be kept intact. This is because it will be difficult to use if it gets damaged during the process of moving the furniture to the new place.

plastic bags for packaging
plastic bags for packaging

How are glass and mirrors wrapped in plastic?

There are often important and necessary pieces for every home and family, such as mirrors, custom glass, and bedroom glass. These pieces of glass pose a great danger during the furniture moving process, as they break easily

Therefore, these parts must be taken care of during the furniture packaging process using cork pieces.

Corks are also placed on pieces of glass from all directions, and after the end of this step, they are packed again using special bubble bags; This is to distinguish them from the rest of the pieces that will be transported during the baggage transfer process.

Our company also offers excellent prices, so do not hesitate to contact us, we have a specialized team to respond and receive all your requests within twenty-four hours.

How to pack antiques?

Antique packaging requires special care because they are expensive and prone to breakage. There are also antiques that are rare and difficult to replace if they are broken or scratched during the furniture-moving process.

Because these artifacts vary between metal and glass, and there are crystal types, all of which are fragile materials that cannot bear any injury.

Therefore, they are packed using bubbly bags and packaged in a way that protects them. Then they are placed inside boxes of cardboard, and a lining is placed at the bottom of these boxes, and this is one of the best ways to wrap furniture, and these pieces are placed on the lining so that they are not exposed to damage or scratches during the stage of moving furniture.

It is also customary for furniture packaging companies to put each of these antiques and antiques in a special box for each piece. This also helps to increase safety and preserve those valuable parts when they are transported.

At the end of the article; We have become acquainted with the types of plastic furniture packaging, and we promise that we will provide you with the best plastic furniture packaging service at the best prices and the highest possible quality.

We seek to satisfy the customer, so do not hesitate to contact us. You will find everything you dream of. In the twenty-four hours, contact us on our private page, WhatsApp, or the following numbers.

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