Furniture packing and assembly services

What is Furniture packing?

 Furniture packing is a simple and easy process to maintain all your home furnishings. There are several types of omission: cardboard, plastic, paper, foam, and others. 

Sometimes we combine two types of packaging, and some customers order the packaging themselves to keep the secrets of the house, and the customer asks us to send the packaging materials at factory prices, we show them the packaging method, and we send the materials to him with simple low-cost manual equipment.

Furniture packaging services are many and varied, so you should consult an expert in the field of furniture transportation to save time and hassle in choosing the best furniture packaging and installation services from home at the lowest prices, and furniture packaging is a prerequisite to protect your belongings from damage.

We are a team of a furniture packaging and installation services company that takes care of this work for our dear customers, so we trained technical hands specialized in packing furniture with the latest safety methods and means that adapt to the luggage material, whether it is furniture, electrical appliances, air conditioners or breakable materials such as glass and antiques.

The company offers you the best furniture packing and installation services in Riyadh, especially since packing luggage is a simple and easy process for us, as our team is always distinguished by their expertise in maintaining all the contents and personal belongings in your home or business.

How does Ajyad Company do the furniture packing?

Packing furniture is the best thing to do before moving to a new home or location. Without packing, you will lose or break up to 20% of the property in your home, especially if it includes rare pieces or irreplaceable value.

You will need to hire a furniture packing company that can do the job before you move in for the purpose of disassembling and moving the furniture.

Furniture packing: An easy process, but it requires skill and experience to be done correctly and in a simple way, but it is very important in order to save the furniture that is being moved from harm or damage.

This is what Ajyad Company is trying to convey to customers. We provide high-quality packaging materials to help preserve the furniture in the right way, such as stretchy nylon, large plastic bags, wires and ropes, and strong cartons to protect luggage.

Ajyad Furniture Packaging and Installation Services is working on packing each piece in the manner that suits it. Packaging glass with its own packaging materials, as well as wood, and works on packaging each piece separately so as not to damage or scratch the furniture to be moved.

After completing the process of packing all the furniture, we put them inside the boxes tightly, and then we write the contents of each carton on the label so that no parts of it are lost.

Types of packaging for used furniture in Ajyad Company

Ajyad Company in Saudi Arabia
Ajyad Company in Saudi Arabia

One of the most important services provided by Ajyad Company, which distinguishes us from many furniture moving companies, is that we provide packaging service for furniture, electrical appliances, and offices.

  • We also pack everything in the home, cupboard, kitchen, and anything that may be broken, cracked, or scratched.
  • We also pack china sets in custom cartons, then wrap them inside and out to prevent them from breaking.
  • After the technician finishes disassembling the furniture in the house (bedrooms – dining room – living room – dressing room) we pack and there are several ways of packing and different packaging materials and tools as well, and we have a specialized technician to determine the type of packaging.
  • We also pack antiques, adaptations, antiques, and antiques to preserve during transportation.

Some of our available packaging materials:

  • Carton (furniture carton packing)
  • Plastic Furniture Packaging
  • Blankets
  • Bubble plastic bags
  • Glass cloth wrapping
  • Sponge
  • We have all kinds of ropes for a good fixation of the luggage to ensure that there are no losses, etc.

We also promise our customers to maintain the confidentiality of the information and products stored with us, and the customer can check the quality of the packaging materials and inquire about each type accurately and carefully.

Ajyad provides the best furniture packaging and installation services, with a high degree of skill to ensure the safety of the furniture and protect your belongings from scratches and damages because we:

  • We use the best types of resistant packaging materials and at the same time do not expose your belongings to wounds or damage.
  • We use the finest types of packaging materials so as not to cause damage in the event that furniture is stored for long periods, such as corrugated cardboard and foam, and we use slides to wrap furniture and protect it from bruises or scratches.
  • We offer you all transportation, storage, and packaging services of the highest quality, accuracy, and utmost care, in addition to daily offers.

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Transferring furniture from Riyadh to Jeddah

Ajyad Company offers you the best furniture transportation services from Riyadh to Jeddah, using the latest methods. And also by the most skilled workers specialized in dealing with moving furniture of all sizes and types. At the most unbeatable prices.

Here are some of the services provided by a moving company from Riyadh to Jeddah:

Due to the continuous pursuit, Ajyad Company has a good reputation, because it is not limited to the process of moving furniture only.

It does all the general cleaning work inside the residences, as it has modern equipment for general and complete hygiene.

The company also polishes and remodels all furniture to its original shape.

Then she transfers furniture from Riyadh to Jeddah with all the work of polishing ceramics, cleaning all corners of the floors, and cleaning wooden floors. .

The company also sprays insects in homes, with a group of the best insecticides that are completely safe for your health, we also have the best people and teams that specialize in all these different trades.

• You can also contact us for reservations and inquiries or inquire about prices and offers through our number 058 099 6174

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