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Cardboard is a material made up of several layers of paper. It can be made from fibers, or it can be made from recycled paper. The importance of carton lies in the fact that it is the most and cheapest material in the field of packaging and storage. It is used by both furniture moving companies or even people in homes for storage purposes.

Below we will discover the types of cartons and their different uses.

Also, the size and thickness of the carton are two very important elements that must be considered during manufacturing, because the carton must be able to bear the weight of the products without losing its shape. This can be achieved by adding additional layers, as is the case in our company, which is the best company that uses the best cartons for moving furniture.

What is a Carton?

Different types of Cardboard have become the ideal alternative for commercial companies that have decided to improve the packaging with durable, resistant, and environmentally friendly materials such as cardboard. It is a material made of overlapping layers of paper made from wood or recycled paper.

What distinguishes cardboard from the paper we know is that the first surpasses it in thickness and weight.

In the world of packaging, cartons have more strength and provide great protection to the user when they weigh more.

In the face of so many packaging material choices, the carton is the environmentally, resistant and versatile alternative often chosen by companies for their goods.

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Types of Furniture Moving Cartons

moving boxes
moving boxes

Corrugated Cardboard

This kind of cardboard is a material made of two layers of smooth paper and an intermediate layer of corrugated paper.

The medium wave creates more resistance depending on the wavelength and shape. And there is a stronger package, which is a double-channel corrugated carton made of three layers of paper with two intermediate layers of corrugation. Some manufacturers make this material up to 3 layers of corrugation. When the ripples are very small.

Folding Carton

It is thin cardboard that looks like cardboard. Cardboard is thin and compact and mainly used for packaging in food, cosmetics, etc. industries. This cardboard can be made with different bases that provide more or less resistance.

Compressed Carton

Very hard and resistant carton packaging box. It is made by compressing natural or recycled cellulose fibers which are processed at high temperatures and high pressure. This type of carton is rarely used in the packaging industry.


This a model we see a lot in warehouses and all kinds of industries. 4 top and bottom flaps that fold over and tape are closed. There are variants with 2 of the flaps or with the flaps at only one end of the box. It can be single-channel or dual-channel.


They are luggage transport cartons stamped with shapes and cracks. As a result, the panel is ready to be installed in the specified shape. It is a wooden board with a lip.

Carton types when moving furniture

Corrugated cardboard is not available in many varieties in terms of quality. The box from which it is made can also be completely different. which describes the same different packaging designs as an international guideline for the classification of the shipping packaging. Here are some types of cartons:

Folding Cartons: This is a classic cardboard box that is available in one, two, or three layers. Comes flat, bound, and closed with tape or staple wire.

Sliding Cartons: These cartons consist of a cover and a base, which are installed separately and then stacked on top of each other. This means that they are of variable height and can be closed tightly if the filler sticks out.

Convenient Packaging: These cartons save a lot of time on shipping. For example, they can be installed in seconds without tape.

Corrugated Carton: This container is most suitable for transporting household appliances. These four-valve delivery cartons also aid in successfully transporting chinaware, plates, desserts, and baked goods. They provide a high degree of product protection. Its volumetric dimensions make it possible to place products that require precise handling. In this case, the internal gaps can be filled with grouting.

Squares with ears: This product has a solid bottom base and a hinged lid with additional accessories on the sides. They are called “ears”. They ensure an airtight seal of the container. The structure is self-assembled. This is common when moving fragile items.

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Treating damaged and wet cartons with two cartons for moving furniture

  • When storing cartons, it is essential to ensure that damaged and wet cartons are separated as soon as possible.
  • This also applies to the storage of filled and empty cartons. Wet cartons not only ensure their stability during transport but can also start to wet and damage other cartons stored with them.
  • When any of the cartons are damaged, they must be discarded immediately so that there is no problem during transportation, which cannot be guaranteed in any way.
  • And if the cartons in your warehouse get damaged, you only need to remove the individual items, you can deliberately ignore such damage and repair it by replacing the cartons regularly.
  • Once the transfer has commenced, only the damaged box must be replaced immediately. This prevents the box from being torn or damaged because delays do the real damage.

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Furniture Cartons

We offer you the best types of cardboard used in furniture packaging at the best prices. We have everything you need to move your furniture and the best packing materials for you so that you can handle any packing task.

. Our efforts aim to be the most competitive in the field of packaging and to provide you with everything you need when you are moving to any other place.

We have a wide range of cartons of all kinds because we deal with a wide audience ranging from individuals or companies to other e-businesses who need cartons or packaging.

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Benefits of using cardboard

Ajyad Company For furniture services
Ajyad Company For furniture services

We have countless different kinds of cartons. It is one of the most economical options for packaging, it is environmentally friendly and 100% sustainable thanks to its composition and manufacturing process, it is highly resistant and versatile, it can be adapted to hundreds of products and it is highly customizable so that brands can offer a design that will attract the attention of all your customers.

In our company, we have a wide range of several cartons that you can choose from to design marketing cartons for your merchandise.

Feel free to contact our company to get the best packaging and the best types of cartons for your products.

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