Ajyad, a furniture moving company to the Gulf countries

Ajyad furniture moving company is the distinguished company you are looking for, in which all the ideal services are being provided to preserve furniture.

It also uses simple and direct ways to move furniture and it makes sure that the furniture was delivered to the place safely without any single scratch or any loss. 

Besides, you can have a golden chance with us because we offer you the best prices in the market along with the finest services. 

 Ajyad is considered one of the most affordable furniture moving companies that deliver to. the Gulf countries

Ajyad, a furniture moving company from Saudi Arabia to the Gulf countries

Our company is one of the best furniture moving companies from Saudi Arabia to the rest of the Gulf countries.

Our company has many advantages that make it one of the best successful companies, as we rely on the following factors

  • Availability of many branches
  • Availability of modern and well-developed devices and machines that are being used in the transporting process.  
  • Supplying all tools that we use to dismantle and install large rooms.
  • Availability of cars that are specialized in baggage handling.

Besides all of these pros, Ajyad offers you great stores for your furniture that come along with special specifications and features.

 And also, Our company has the best-distinguished carpenters who know how to deal correctly and professionalism with wooden furniture.

Ajyad to transfer devices from Saudi Arabia to the Gulf countries

We know that these devices are among the things that owners fear the most and want to have them back in a good condition.

This is why we take all the precautionary measures while installing any device indoors or outdoors. 

We provide many technicians and workers who are specialized in dismantling and installing devices.

What countries that we support international shipping in?

Yes, in Ajyad we took international shipping to a new different level, we are not only supporting transferring to one country.

 Ajyad company offers moving furniture to Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait.

We offer multiple services that maintain furniture for you, also you will find huge discounts on each service that we have.

Advantages of dealing with our company

We believe that credibility, accuracy, and customer satisfaction are the top secrets of success, and that is what makes us committed to our customers.

We always seek to provide superior services and furnish innovative and effective solutions to clients.

Provide fine care to all company employees to ensure the highest standards of quality are delivered to our customers.

We believe that honesty, integrity, and fairness are the best corporate values.

We are not only supporting moving furniture but we also re-install them in their new places.

Speed of response is our thing, you can only contact us through the numbers that are provided by the customer service officials, and you will find an immediate response.

Great offers and discounts on moving furniture prices from Saudi Arabia to the other gulf countries.

Sufficient guarantees are provided to every customer who deals with our company.

Last but not least, you can determine the date, and accordingly, we are obligated to carry out the work within the specified time limits with the client.

Packing process with Ajyad

We master international shipping by packing the furniture properly by using the strongest and best packaging materials.

We know that no one wants any damage or loss to any of the furniture, this is why we give due care to this process.

When we place an order to move furniture with packages, we pack all the identical pieces individually and pack the wood pieces completely.

After that, we make sure that all the breakable parts are strongly wrapped with durable packing materials to preserve them,

Various packing materials

  • The strong carton that we use to pack the wooden parts.
  • Soft plastic is used to wrap rugs, curtains, and sofas.
  • Boxes for placing household appliances such as a refrigerator, stove, or washing machine.
  • Strong adhesives to secure boxes and cartons.

How does a furniture moving company work?

Firstly, we examine to determine the type of baggage that will be transported, to determine the materials and packing tools.

Furniture moving company

We prepare everything starting from the cartons and boxes to the workers, technicians, supervisors, electricians, and carpenters.

 We provide plumbers to dismantle furniture and electrical and electronic appliances.

Not only this but also we provide an air conditioning technician to clean and disassemble them without any problem.

Important tips on how to choose a furniture moving company

You as a customer need to know a few things before dealing with any moving company, so here are some useful tips that you must know about.

The company must follow all the tips and instructions that they give you that will guarantee the future is being moved correctly, accurately.

When choosing a moving company, you should first do your research on the company itself before having an agreement with it to ensure that it is a premium and quality company.

Choosing the right cars is one of the most important factors for the success of the furniture moving process.

Vehicles must be intact, free of defects, covered, and securely attached to furniture to hold the furniture in place.

When transporting glass, mirrors, and all parts of homes that may be subject to breakage or accidents, they must be placed inside wooden boxes.

Contact us

You can contact our company through our numbers by calling or texting on WhatsApp.

We promise that you will find proper offers that will meet your needs and you will get all the prices you are looking for.

And because we have the best technical support, we can answer all your requests, so you can know everything you need over the phone.

In addition, we are operating at all times due to a large group of employees and a large number of capabilities, devices, and tools.

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