Ajyad for moving furniture in Jeddah by trained workers

Welcome, dear customer, to your company, Ajyad Company for Moving Furniture and in Jeddah, Riyadh, and all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are considered one of the first furniture moving companies inside the Kingdom and we have advanced experience in the services of moving residential, commercial, and hotel furniture with all care and professionalism to our valued customers.

Moving Furniture in Jeddah

Our company, Ajyad Furniture Moving Company, offers the possibility of moving and packing furniture and luggage in Jeddah, as it is one of our services.

  • Where we offer a luggage moving service in order to facilitate the transfer of furniture to customers with the best and highest possible service at the lowest costs and in the fastest time.
  •  In order to save money, furniture transportation services, dismantling, installation, and packaging of furniture, in addition to various cleaning services, use the finest German materials.
  •   We can provide services individually for customers, and we also send packing and cleaning materials with our representative, in case customers want to pack and clean the furniture themselves.

Moving furniture in the Al-Shati neighborhood

Ajyad Furniture Transport uses highly trained workers to deal with furniture with the utmost accuracy and care, and they have sufficient experience in moving furniture over the years.

  • Where we have a staff of workers with high experience in the field of moving furniture in order to provide guidance and responsibility throughout the work period.
  •  Ajyad Furniture Moving Company also dismantles and installs furniture again at the hands of professional carpenters in the field of furniture.
  •  In addition to the company’s possession of technicians specialized in the field of dismantling and installing air conditioners.
  •  And we wrap the luggage with the highest and finest materials, such as the stretch, which is used in the case of storing the luggage,
    so that it is not damaged and to protect it from scratches and fractures.
  •  Ajyad company also uses equipped and specialized carts to move furniture, and there are different sizes of these carts.
  •  The Ajyad Furniture Moving Company also provides a person specialized in organizing furniture inside the carts by placing glass in certain places and marble in a designated place,
    as the Ajyad Furniture Moving Company guarantees you the delivery of furniture without any scratch or break.
  •  We do not get any money until after completing the transfer process and after satisfying the customer, because customer satisfaction is our primary goal,
    and this will not be achieved until after the luggage is moved and maintained without any scratches.

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Moving Furniture inside Jeddah

Ajyad Company in Saudi Arabia
Ajyad Company in Saudi Arabia

The most important step before moving furniture is the process of packing the luggage in order to preserve the furniture.

  • Furniture packaging has many types, such as cartons, plastic, paper, sponge, or blanket packaging, and sometimes more than one type is combined.
  •  There are also some customers who require the packaging themselves in order to keep secrets.
  • The customer also asks to send packing materials at factory prices and we explain to him the packing methods regardless of whether the customer is transporting,
    so we send the materials to him with simple low-priced manual equipment.
  • Ajyad Furniture Transport also packs clothes, kitchen utensils, and various collectibles into a carton dedicated to everything and of all possible sizes.
  • We use the best German materials to clean movables,
    and some customers also request the same materials without cleaning workers from the company and without moving furniture from the company, so we transfer the required materials with the representative of Ajyad Company.
  •  We offer many services from cleaning and polishing furniture, cleaning Najaf and antiques, cleaning salon fabrics, and cleaning upholstery and kilims.
  • In addition to polishing wooden floors and cleaning tiles, marble, and ceramics.

Moving Furniture from Jeddah to the El-Madinah

Ajyad Furniture Moving Company works to provide the best possible service to its customers, through commitment and adherence to the deadlines set by the customer.

  • In addition to delivering the furniture to the specified place safely without being exposed to any breakage, we use all modern tools that enable us to move furniture with ease.
  •  We do not use traditional methods of moving luggage but use modern methods of advanced tools and large cars.
  • We also dismantle the luggage using advanced tools and then pack it using the best types of packing materials.
  •  Then we put it in sturdy, strong and numbered cartons and boxes, in order not to forget any piece of furniture.
  •  The workers download the luggage and carry it inside the cars, and the luggage is often downloaded by hydraulic winches and also by using escalators in case the entrances are narrow.
  • After the process of loading the luggage into the cars, the cars move to the desired place, along with the furniture transport workers, in order to install the luggage in the specified place.
  •  The furniture is delivered to the customer without any scratching or breaking because we are always keen on the safety of every piece of furniture and baggage.

Moving Furniture from Jeddah to Riyadh

Ajyad Furniture Moving Company offers many services to assist in moving furniture in Riyadh, which is very necessary to complete the task to the fullest.

furniture companies in Riyadh
Ajyad Company
  • Where the company provides all support services in the transportation and packaging of furniture from Jeddah to Riyadh.
  • We can move any piece of furniture, whether wooden or other, and the furniture or luggage is removed according to its type.
  •  The carpenter, in turn, dismantles the wooden furniture, and the electrician dismantles the lamps, tools, and electrical appliances.
  •  The air conditioner technician also dismantles the air conditioner, whether it is a split or window air conditioner.
  •  It is necessary to have a specialized technical category at the highest level in the field of luggage transportation to provide modern types of furniture and electrical appliances.
  • When there are modern types of aluminum kitchens, there must be specialists in dismantling the kitchens in order to deal with them without causing damage.
  • And all of this is certainly available to us when moving furniture from Jeddah to Riyadh or anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The best furniture moving company in Jeddah

If you are looking for a furniture moving company in Jeddah, we are Ajyad Furniture Moving Company, we will do your work with ease and proficiency.

  • We provide you with a professional luggage transport service, and Ajyad Furniture Transport offers its services throughout the city of Jeddah.
  •  We are absolutely sure that Jeddah’s customers are distinguished and prefer high-end services that live up to their high level.
  •  We also offer furniture moving services in Jeddah at unbeatable prices and unparalleled discounts.
  •  If you want to move your home furniture to Jeddah, we give you the best furniture moving experience there.
  •  And that experience will make the process of moving furniture in Jeddah an enjoyable task and not a task that requires fear and hard fatigue.

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Moving office furniture in Jeddah

Ajyad Furniture Moving Company offers the possibility of moving office furniture by relying on door-to-door transportation technology.

  • Using the best and latest methods of transportation and packaging to ensure the safety of the transportation service in the least time and at the lowest cost.
  •  As our transportation is very simple and not complicated, our mission is to simplify the transportation service in order to ensure that the process of preserving furniture and luggage without any trouble or fatigue.
  • In addition to transportation as quickly as possible, we also offer the possibility of moving furniture alone or by adding some services such as packing, cleaning, and packaging, as well as dismantling and installation.
  • This service is called universal service, and our prices are affordable for everyone, depending on the type of service required.

For more information and reservation, please contact us on 058 099 6174

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