Ajyad company for moving furniture from Riyadh to Bahrain

If you need a company for moving furniture from Riyadh to Bahrain, this company is always available to you, and we will now learn more about the services provided by Ajyad Furniture Transport Company from Riyadh to Bahrain.

 Furniture transportation is an important service, as it is one of the services that you can never do without.

Therefore, it is necessary to rely on a company that has great experience and has a professional workforce to move furniture in order to move it without breaking or losing it, because furniture always contains expensive things that need to be moved in the right ways, and it contains glass and crystal parts, so these things need practical experience in This field, and we promise you that these services are available with Ajyad Furniture Transport Company from Riyadh to Bahrain, while ensuring the best luggage transfer process.

What are the steps for moving furniture from Riyadh to Bahrain?

Ajyad company for moving furniture from Riyadh to Bahrain follows the best safe ways to secure furniture so that it is safely transported to the desired location, as it performs these methods:

Step 1: Dismantling large furniture such as bedrooms, wardrobes, and offices, and cleaning them from the inside and outside.

Step 2: We pack the large furniture with strong packing materials such as cardboard, plastic, and bubble wrap. These materials protect furniture during road transport from shocks and rain.

Step 3: We pack the electrical appliances in cartons after disassembling them so as not to lose them when reinstalling.

Step 4: Wrap furniture and clothes in plastic and put them in boxes to protect them.

Step 5: Familiarity with all kitchen utensils such as utensils and glass, wrapping them in cardboard, placing them in a cardboard box to protect them from breakage, and placing them in the back of the car to protect them from shocks.

Step 6: The best-equipped carts are provided from the inside and outside, and the carts have protective means such as ropes to tie the furniture, and we have ways to put the furniture in the carts vertically and horizontally to avoid fractures.

Step 7: There are cranes for lifting and lowering furniture to the upper floors of towers and buildings of 25 floors and above.

Moving furniture for offices and companies from Riyadh to Bahrain

Ajyad Furniture Transport Company from Riyadh to Bahrain provides transportation services for companies, offices, factories, and hotels, as it has a special tariff plan for these institutions and is available anywhere for any furniture to be transported safely from Riyadh to Bahrain.

What is the importance of the furniture packing stage?

The experts of Ajyad Company for moving furniture from Riyadh to Bahrain have indicated the importance of the furniture packing stage, as it is one of the basic stages as it protects all types of furniture from road fluctuations and shocks during transportation, and it is important in:

  1. Protecting furniture from fractures, cracks, loss of valuables, and loss of money.
  1. We organize everything individually to easily find it again.
  1. Protect clothes and kitchen utensils from dust and insects.
  1. Protect glass objects from breakage.
  1. We have special packaging only for glass objects to protect them.

What are the packaging materials from Riyadh to Bahrain?

  1. Bubble roll: It is the most important packaging material, and all parts, such as plastics, cartons, and bags, are wrapped in it.
  1. Plastic bags: There are sturdy plastic bags that are important for removing upholstery, clothes, blankets, and curtains to protect them from dust during transportation.
  1. Square carton: Kitchen utensils, photo frames, antiques, glass, and electrical appliances are placed in it.
  1. Ropes: They are used to close bags and cartons, and to tie wooden furniture well after placing it in carts. We assure you that all these things are available in the company.

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What distinguishes Ajyad Furniture Transport Company from Riyadh to Bahrain?

  • Trained labor: we are distinguished by having the best-trained labor at the highest level to transport furniture from Riyadh to Bahrain, and this is the secret of the company’s success, and we have experts in this field for more than 10 years and they have made many successful transfers without breaking a single one because the transportation process is difficult but with Our workers are very easy and do not take time.
  • They disassemble, clean, install, pack, load, unload and lift to the highest places, and there is a labor supervisor to complete the job successfully.
  • IKEA furniture transfer service from Riyadh to Bahrain: Not many companies work in moving IKEA furniture because it is sensitive furniture and requires certain special methods of transportation to avoid breakages, but our company, Ajyad Furniture Transport Company from Riyadh to Bahrain, is a qualified and trained company, as it transports IKEA furniture to any A place that works to dismantle and install it safely and easily, and there are technicians specialized in dealing with this furniture. If you need to buy IKEA furniture and you do not find a place to install it, then you should go to Ajyad Furniture Transport Company from Riyadh to Bahrain, and do not hesitate for a second.

How to move furniture from Riyadh to Bahrain

Ajyad Company in Saudi Arabia
Ajyad Company in Saudi Arabia

Ajyad Furniture Transport Company provides advanced means of transportation, as it not only deals with transportation within the city but also provides transportation to distant cities by boats and cars equipped for transportation to the farthest place without problems.

Therefore, the Ajyad company for moving furniture from Riyadh to Bahrain is considered one of the best companies in luggage transportation services, and therefore thousands of people request it daily to use them in cases of traveling abroad or moving their luggage from their homes to any other places, and we are also distinguished by the fact that we perform these services with the utmost efficiency and quality possible.

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The best warehouses when transporting

  1. Sometimes people need to store their home furniture in case they go abroad for months, and they need to store their furniture in a safe place from insects, dust, and theft.
  1. Therefore, the best Ajyad warehouses were provided to protect the furniture for the required period of a week, month, year, or more than a year.
  1. There is security dedicated to protecting warehouses, and we have surveillance cameras.
  1. Before placing the furniture, the warehouses are thoroughly cleaned of dust and insects, glass objects are placed on the shelves, and wooden furniture is placed vertically
  1. In the warehouse, there are places for furniture to protect it, and there are places to protect electrical appliances from damage.
  1. The warehouses contain ventilation holes to preserve the furniture until it is delivered to the customer without any problem.

The price of moving Ajyad Furniture Transport Company from Riyadh to Bahrain

Ajyad Company for moving furniture
Moving furniture from Riyadh to Bahrain

The prices of the Ajyad company for moving furniture from Riyadh to Bahrain are suitable for everyone, and it is the cheapest company and has permanent discounts and offers.

I have an Ajyad company for moving furniture from Riyadh to Bahrain, customer service to answer all inquiries throughout the day, and you can communicate with it via Facebook messages.

The most important advice given by the company before moving furniture

Ajyad Furniture Transport Company from Riyadh to Bahrain provided these important tips before moving furniture. For the operation to be successful, it must:

  1. Look for an experienced company, read a lot about it, and see the opinions of the people you dealt with, because moving your furniture needs a well-known place, so don’t venture into it.
  1. You have to write down all the things you are going to transfer so that you do not lose or forget any part. After packing, put a small piece of paper on each carton or bag to remind you when to fix things.
  1. Before dismantling wooden furniture, it must be photographed to know the method of installation after disassembly. The screws and fasteners must be removed at known locations.
  1. Pay attention to the stage of packing the luggage, because of its importance and protecting it from the many dangers it is exposed to during transportation.
  1. Do not carry out the furniture transportation process yourself, so deal with a furniture shipping company because it will solve the problem for you safely. Because it is difficult for you to do this process on your own.
  1. When choosing a house, you must choose a house with an area suitable for the old house furniture, to find comfortable and spacious places after placing it.
  1. The piece of furniture must be completely cleaned before it is installed or placed in the new home, due to the presence of insects and dust deposited in the wooden furniture. Therefore, wooden furniture must be cleaned well.

At the end of the article; We provide you with all furniture moving services in safety, quality, efficiency, and the lowest price. Only when dealing with Ajyad Furniture Transport Company from Riyadh to Bahrain will you be guaranteed protection and security.

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