Ajyad Company for Moving Furniture in Riyadh and Abroad

Ajyad company for moving furniture in Riyadh and abroad has the technical skills specialized in dismantling and installing furniture and home furnishings, packing and reinstalling them. In addition to specialists in dismantling and installing kitchens, as well as dismantling and installing air conditioners.

We are the best air conditioning maintenance company in Riyadh and can dismantle and install all air conditioners. This will save customers a lot of money and keep the buildings intact and without dents. Especially when moving them from one residence to another and from the company’s headquarters to a new headquarters. without bearing the tiring of this arduous process.

The Packaging Process at Ajyad Company

The process of packing the transported goods when moving furniture in Riyadh and abroad. It is one of the most important things that distinguish Ajyad company to move furniture in Riyadh and abroad. It also works on the packaging of transported goods. Which preserves home furniture and contents of the hotel and corporate rooms. And protects it from damage that leads to scratches and fractures. It maintains its luster and modernity as it is.

The packaging process is carried out by specialists working in the company. Using the latest and finest packaging materials that protect furniture from scratches and keep it from dirt and dust that may stick to it during transportation.

Ajyad company for moving furniture in Riyadh and abroad also follows distinctive techniques when packing and wrapping luggage. Some parts may need to be wrapped inside and out to protect them from scratches and damage.

Ajyad Company in Saudi Arabia
Ajyad Company in Saudi Arabia

Moving Furniture in Riyadh and Abroad

We make sure that you will not feel overwhelmed anymore when you decide to move from a country like Riyadh to another far country like Dammam or vice versa.

Ajyad Company completes any furniture move for you from Riyadh to Dammam in the Eastern Province with ease, efficiency, skill, and safety. You can also contact us for reservations and inquiries or inquire about prices and offers by calling 058 099 6174.

Moving Furniture from Riyadh to Qassim

Ajyad company seeks to move furniture from Riyadh to Qassim to provide the utmost comfort and safety for the customer. During the process of moving furniture to another home or place.

The transfer process is carried out by technicians specialized in the field of transporting, dismantling, installing, and packing. Furniture from Riyadh to Qassim. Ajyad company for moving furniture from Riyadh to Qassim wraps all home and office furniture.

Using different furniture packaging tools such as cardboard, vinyl, plastic, and bubble wrap. The workers number all the furniture and the packed carton to make it easier for the customer to sort them.

After moving from Riyadh to Qassim at the best prices for moving furniture. We have shipping experts to move furniture from Riyadh to Qassim.

It may seem like a daunting task to find the best shipping company that can meet all your needs. So do not worry, we are here to help you move furniture from Riyadh to Qassim, and all our services are certified and integrated. In other words, you will not need any assistance outside the scope of Ajyad to move furniture from Riyadh to Qassim.

What makes Ajyad Furniture Moving Company different from others?

Make sure we know what’s on your mind and answer all your requests and questions about baggage transfer services. We give you a complete guide about our services in detail so you know what is best for you.

  • We help you from the beginning with some tips to prepare your home for the safe movement of furniture.
  • Then our services continue with you until you get to the end. We care about our customers all the time, not just the time of service.
  • So we offer you more than you expect at a price that fits your budget.
  • With Ajyad Company to move furniture from Riyadh to Qassim. You can rest assured of the entire transportation process.
  • Only in the Ajyad company, you will find many trucks that meet your personal needs in moving furniture in Riyadh.

Moving Furniture in Al-Wadi district, Riyadh

We are the best furniture moving company in the Al-Wadi district in Riyadh, we offer you the lowest prices that you will not find in any other furniture moving company in Riyadh.

Ajyad has a furniture dismantling service in Riyadh with installation and warranty if you want a furniture moving company in the Al-Wadi neighborhood in Riyadh.

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Moving Furniture in Hittin district, Riyadh

Hittin district is located north of Riyadh and is distinguished as one of the high-end neighborhoods in Riyadh. We provide all residents of the Hittin neighborhood north of Riyadh with the best luggage transport company in Riyadh and abroad. 

Proudly, our company provides you with the finest service in the field of moving and packing furniture.

The company also provides you with the best cars that transport furniture. And raise it to upper floors that need a winch or hoist to lift furniture to high residential floors without causing any breakage or defect. We offer you the best furniture moving services with jaw and installation. We have a very large of experience over the years in moving and packing furniture in the Hittin district of Riyadh.

The best-equipped cars and at the highest level of sophistication. We are distinguished by our advanced methods and tools. Then, we are distinguished from other furniture moving companies in Riyadh, as well as the cheapest prices.

We in furniture transfer services in the Hittin district of Riyadh provide you with a group of trained and specialized workers. Whether dismantling and installing bedrooms and the dining room, as well as installing bedrooms and others, with the best furniture moving company in the Hittin district of Riyadh.

For more information and reservation please contact us on 058 099 6174

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