The Cheapest Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh

To provide the cheapest furniture moving company in Riyadh, we offer Ajyad company, the company offers the best prices, which helps the customer to make a decision to move furniture in warehouses to maintain furniture storage. Providing suitable vehicles to transport furniture in a safe manner and at the lowest reasonable prices for customers.

Also, Ajyad Company is the best furniture storage company because it works to provide the best services that help customers secure, preserve and store furniture.

Providing warehouses and cars suitable for moving and storing furniture, and we have the best workers who specialize in dismantling and installing furniture in the right way.

Dear customer, to know what the cost of moving furniture in Riyadh is and the factors affecting the high prices of a furniture moving company in Riyadh?

What is the cost of moving furniture in Riyadh City?

Before starting to find out the prices of moving furniture in Riyadh. Many questions run through the mind of the customer when he thinks of a cheap and reliable moving company in Riyadh.

The cost of moving furniture is determined by the distance between the road and your destination to the new location. Price and cost may vary depending on the distance between cities or countries, for example:

  • Moving Furniture from Riyadh to Jeddah.
  • Moving Furniture from Riyadh to Taif.
  • Moving Furniture from Riyadh to Mecca.
  • Moving Furniture from Riyadh to Medina.
  • Moving Furniture from Riyadh to Yanbu and so on.

For this reason, a Riyadh moving company follows some of its own methods, which include determining the distance between Riyadh and the city you are moving to and agreeing on the best price.

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Used packaging and boxes

Ajyad Company for Moving Furniture
Ajyad Company for Moving Furniture

Of course, in order for us to move, we first need to organize and plan to move the furniture safely, thus a moving company in Riyadh determines the amount of furniture that needs to be moved and packed.

Determine the number of used pieces of cartons, tapes, and plastic bags. This is added to the total cost to ensure that your items are transported properly without scratching or breaking.

What is the size of the car used for moving furniture in Riyadh?

The size of the car is determined based on the number of pieces of furniture to be moved and on the basis of it is determined whether the car will be used or according to the number of pieces of furniture.

Offers and Discounts

Ajyad Company is the cheapest furniture mover company in Riyadh, as it is the company that always seeks to satisfy customers and gain their trust, which is the first and last goal of the company.

The company also offers many offers and discounts on its prices. Ajyad offers some services and offers as follows:

  • Ajyad Company offers many discounts on prices to its customers from time to time. In order to gain new customers continuously and retain customers who deal with the company on a permanent basis.
  • Our Company offers a special discount to the customer who requests the service for more than one house. Or when the customer requests more than one of the company’s services, the price of the full service is reduced.
  • Among the discounts offered by Ajyad Company is also a discount on the institutions that deal with it. This is to rely on Ajyad Company for all services related to moving furniture in Riyadh. This benefits the company in obtaining a continuing customers.
  • As for the customers, they benefit from reducing the price of the service in the contract compared to the original price of the service outside the contract.
  • The company also offers discounts on all the services it provides to customers every period, especially when customers’ demands for the company’s services decrease.
  • So, if you want to get an item of furniture moving service in Riyadh at the cheapest possible price, then you should rely on Ajyad Movers in Riyadh.

Safety and care

Finding the best moving company in Riyadh is one of the most demanding tasks in order to get a company.

In order to be at the highest level of responsibility and provide full guarantees to preserve the luggage when moving from one place to another.

At Ajyad Company have the best professional workers in moving and packing luggage and furniture in Riyadh.

We provide you with numbers that are always available to spend on all services from dismantling and installing furniture, packaging, and shipping at the cheapest prices. Because we are the cheapest packaging company in Riyadh and we offer discounts of up to 70% with security.

Competence in dismantling, assembling, and transporting baggage

Ajyad Furniture Moving Company relies on three of the following steps:

  • Separate furniture skillfully and correctly.
  • Experience and skill of workers in moving furniture.
  • And we pack the luggage very skillfully so as not to cause the luggage any damage during transportation.
  • If these three factors are available together, the process of moving the luggage with Ajyad company will be very easy.

You can contact us for reservations and inquiries about prices and offers (058 099 6174).

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